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    Sayings for Today
It is the privilege of man to serve the Supreme Being through service of His children and thus attain to the vision of Supreme Himself.
Be free of enslaving desires. A desire less man is the richest man in the universe, his wealth being the inexhaustible wealth of contentment.
Never misunderstand things. Be open-hearted. Do not poke your nose into other’s affairs. Your sadhana is your main concern. Perfect yourself first and then you can think of perfecting others.
Keep off depression; cheerfulness and contentment are the principal aids to divine contemplation. How can one fix a dull and depressed mind upon thoughts of the Higher Self, the purest of the pure, which is beyond nature-born gunas? Hence, My child, knowing yourself as the beloved child of the Blissful Mother, resolve to be cheerful and pleasant under all circumstances.
Shake off all weaknesses and smile with strength and consciousness of your immortal divinity. There is nothing in the world that can touch or affect your real Self, for you are beyond the world, infinite, all-pervading. How mean and pitiable it is to forget this divine glory and weep sitting in a corner like a frail mortal!
Drive away laziness. Wander no more in the world of imagination. Develop your innate powers. Have a meditative calm always, for calmness is strength. Agitation is weakness. Patience should be developed through effort and experience.
Worldly problems do come. Face them with courage. Solve them with intelligence and patience. Problems come because you have the power within you to solve it. Be conscious of your power. Feeling of helplessness comes from forgetfulness of your true nature.
There is utility in fall and failure. So do not be disheartened. But you must resolve that there should not be any further fall. If you go on falling each time philosophizing that every fall is giving you an educative lesson, then in the end of your life you will realize that you had time only to fall and not to rise.
You must move forward. The swimmer goes forward on the expanse of water waving his hands and feet. If he is simply floating on the water, he is not swimming. In this river of Maya, you have to swim across it with all your strength at your command. The water may enter your mouth; you may feel suffocated; you may even sink occasionally, but you must move forward. This movement is life; this is struggle; this is the sadhana for the discovery of Perfection.
Accept every situation as Godsend. Every difficulty crops up to make you conscious of your inner strength. The river is dynamic and powerful upon the mountain path. A thousand rocks try to obstruct its onward movement but does the river stop its course? No. It assumes greater strength to brush aside the obstacles and moves onward with its cry of triumph and its songs of ecstasy. So should you, sadhakas, call forth your dynamic energy and overcome all obstacles.
If you keep your ambition to yourself and expect all efforts to be made by the compassionate Guru, then the realization will not dawn. You are feeling the pangs of bondage. So you have to struggle for realization. If you do not strive for emancipation, how can you have a real spiritual joy in life? There is joy even in intense striving. They say ‘ path is sweeter than the goal.’ You must experience it. He who has earned the wealth through hard toil knows the joy of its possession. He, who has inherited wealth from his father of course, possesses wealth but not the joy of it.
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