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CIRCULAR NO:03/2018-2019
21st October, 2018

Prayerful Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother, Devi Sree Ramambika.

  (Thursday, 1st November, 2018)

Blessed Souls,

This is the most auspicious and most memorable day.  For, Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi chose to remain silently seated eternally in Divine Yoga Poise just below the Shrine of Devi Sree Ramambika, whose installation and Pranaprathishta performed by Divine Mother Herself, radiating love, blessings and grace to all creation.

For Children of Divine Mother, She is all Chaithanyam in any plane of consciousness.  Her Saguna Form is eternal.  Her body is all energy, effulgent with pure Satwa.  The meditation on Mother’s Form leads the minds to stillness and supernal silence.  She promised that She would be eternally Present in Shaktinagar radiating grace and blessings as visible Deity and invisible guide in the hearts of the devotees.  During Her visible splendor She was fully conscious of Her Godhood Consciousness.  Once She called Sree Tara Devi and expressed “I have shown throughout my life what Dharma is.  I have shown reverence to parents, teachers, elders, holy men and priests.  I have accepted Theertha Prasad from Their hands with my natural Bhava of humility and devotion.  But, Tara, bear this in mind, when I enter Maha Samadhi, no one including the priest, should do any proshana on my head or pour water on my person.”  Mother was very firm in Her Utterance. This shows that She is stating this from Her imperious and Supreme Consciousness as Divine Mother of the Universe.  Sree Tara Devi at once prostrated before Her.

By the Grace of the Divine Mother of the Universe, Devi Sree Ramambika, it has been decided to observe the sacred Maha Samadhi Day of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi, the Supreme Shakthi on Thursday the 1st November 2018 at Shaktinagar, as per the following programme:


Wednesday, 31st October 2018
09.00 AM – 09.30 AM    Invocatory prayer in Matrunilayam.
Thursday, 1st November 2018 – MAHA SAMADHI DAY
06.00 a.m. - 07.00 a.m. Sree Ramambika Suprabhatham, Arathi & Dhyanam.
09.30 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. Smarananjali in Matrunilayam.
11.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon Mahamanthra Japa, Sree Lalitha Ashtothara Archana and Mangalaarathi.
 01.00 p.m.    Samaradhana.
05.00 p.m. -  06.00 p.m.  Bhajans and Mangalaarathi.
07.00 p.m. - 07.30 p.m. Mahamanthra Japa for world peace.
07.30 p.m. Sree Durga Namaskara pooja commences.
10.30 p.m. - 11.00 p.m. Silent prayer.
10.50 p.m        Maha Samadhi Time.

A Report On Navarathri Mahotsava 2018.

The Navarathri Mahotsava, just concluded here, recorded a grand and glorious success.  The Presence of Divine Mother could be palpably felt by the devotees.  The daily chanting and Archana of Sree Lalitha Sahasranama is a potent form of upasana to propitiate Devi Sree Lalithambika.  This is a part of Sree Vidya imparted to Agasthya Maharshi by Lord Hayagreeva.  Sree Hayagreeva was very particular in imparting this vidya emphasizing the mysticism of Sree Lalitha Vidya.  Divine Mother was very particular about “Udayasthamana Yajna” as the Author of Sree Vidya.

The pravachan on Devi Sthothras of Durga Sapta Sati was very educative, highlighting the greatness and glory of Sree Lalitha Parameswary. 

The Harikathas on Sant Thukaram, Sant Meerabai and Mahishasura Mardhini were interesting and touching.  Especially Sant Thukaram’s keerthan was very impressive, giving joy and happiness to all.  Sant Thukaram’s life was unique.  He was one of the greatest of saints in Maharshtra.  He made great impact on contemporary society – teaching universal love and stressing that chanting the name of God is the easiest way to realize God.

Classical and devotional songs (Hindusthanai and Carnatic) were very impressive uplifting the audience to a higher dimension of music.  The accompanists supporting he singers played very well making the whole programme enjoyable.

Cultural programme (devotional) by the children was very interesting giving joy and happiness to all.  Young children, singing, dancing, mono acting, and giving speeches in their natural way are praise worthy.  The Masters who trained them deserve special appreciation.  If the children were trained in accordance with lofty teachings of Divine Mother, they will be a great force in raising the banner of Bharath Matha.

Divine Mother Says, “Until the mind merges in Brahman, there are chances of fall.  Look upon yourself as a sadhaka.  Do not go to teach and instruct the world.  First discover the truth within you.  First procure enough food for you.  Then you can think of sharing it with others.  Knowledge is your inexhaustible wealth.  Discover it and make use of it.”

Blessed brothers and sisters, be it our spiritual privilege to congregate in Shaktinagar, in the bond of Divine friendship for the observance of Maha Samadhi Day of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi and receive Her blessings.  May She bless all humanity so that peace pervades the whole Universe.

With fraternal regards,
Yours in the Cause of Mission,


Please Note:

Rice will be distributed to Registered Charitable Institutions-Orphanages, Old age homes etc.


  • Monday the 5th Sayam Jala pooja.
  • Tuesday the 6th Gangabhishekam after Suprabhatham.
  • Wednesday 7th Deepavali
  • Thursday 8th Govu Pooja, Laxmi Pooja.
  • Monday 12th Panchami – monthly Naaga Pooja
  • Friday 16th Vrischika Sankramana – worship of Gudi Devathas
  • Monday 19th Karthika Ekadashi
  • Tuesday 20th Uthana Dwadashi, Tulasi Pooja
  • Wednesday 21st Ashwini
  • Thursady 22nd  Bharani
  • Sunday 25th  Birthday of Sree Krishna Bhagath

Contribution towards the following are welcome:

Floral Decorations in the Shrine and Prayer Hall
₹ 30,000/-
Shaswath  Samaradhana.
Mahaprasad Sarva Seva (Samaradhana, Alankara, Appa,Trikala, Archana, and whole day food expenses.)
₹ 10,000/-
Sarva Seva(Samaradhana, Alankara, Appa,Trikala, Archana).
₹ 5,000/-
₹ 2,500/-
₹ 2,000/-
Shaswatha Pooja - Once in a year on a specified day
₹ 400/-
Payasa Naivedyam
₹ 300/-
Flower Seva
₹ 300/-
Trikala Pooja
₹ 150/-
Alankara Pooja
₹ 150/-
Appa Naivedyam to Shree Maha Ganapathy
₹ 150/-
Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Archana.
₹ 100/-
14 Sree Durga Namaskara ₹  100/-
15 Sree Lalitha Ashtothara Archana ₹  50/-
16 Nitya Pooja (Postage Extra) ₹  10/-
17 Ghee Lamp
₹  10/-
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