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It is the height of foolishness to think that God is testing you. God never tests His children for two reasons. One is that He is the omniscient Being, the All doer, who knows in His supreme wisdom that the existence of entire creation is depending upon His omnipotent Will. The other is, He is the absolute Mercy, whose vision is one of pure love, which does not see any imperfection in His children. It is the Nature, prakrithi herself that tests you to see whether you are lord or slave. Face the test. Let each test bring to your mind the consciousness of your Soul.
CIRCULAR NO:05/2019-2020
10th March, 2020

Prayerful Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother, Devi Sree Ramambika.

44th Anniversry Celebrations of Vigraha Prathishta of DEVI SREE RAMAMBIKA.
(5th April to 9th April 2020).

Blessed Souls,

By  the  Grace  and  Blessings  of  Divine  Mother  Devi  Sree  Ramambika, It  has  been   decided to celebrate the 44th anniversary celebrations of Vigraha Prathishta of Devi Sree Ramambika in Shaktinagar from 5th April to 9th April 2020. 

Udayasthamana Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Yajna, Sree Maha Ganapathy Homa, Sree Chandika Homa, Devotional Songs, ceremonial procession of Utsava Murthy seated in Silver Ratham and Kolu festival are the salient features of the celebrations.

The function of temple of God is that of unifying sadhana and for the promotion of unity of all beings.  The posterity who approaches Divine Mother’s Shrine will find the Deity accessible to prayer, simple trust and devotional worship.

The Deity they worship is not a mythological Deity, not an abstract Presence, but the Divine Who assumed the human  incarnation in the  world of mortals and who has sacrificed Herself for the sake of whole mankind.

Celebration of 109th year of Advent of
Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi-- A Report.

The programme commenced with Akhanda Mahamanthra Japa Yajna for twelve hours on 2nd March, 2020, as an invocatory prayer.

Next day, the 3rd March, all gathered in front of the court yard of Bhagawan Memorial Hall at 10.30 am for flag hoisting ceremony.  The flag was hoisted with prayerful keertans, Bhajans and appropriate songs glorifying Divine Mother, and worship offered to the flag with all devotion. 

Generally in most of the temples after the flag hoisting, the chief purohit will address the gathering to follow some rules and austerities to maintain the sanctity of the temple and for the welfare of the devotees.  In the Mission, it assumes different significance.  The flag represents Mother’s principles, in short, Mother Herself.  It is as if the Mandir is extended up to the flag post.  It is our utmost duty to respect the flag whenever we pass by the path where the flag is fluttering.

Wednesday, the 4th March, the Advent Day, was the most auspicious and glorious occasion.  In the abode of Divine Mother, Mathru Nilayam, we offered flowers (smarananjali) with due respect and homage to Divine Mother.  Later, in the payer hall, The Guru Paduka Pooja was performed with ‘panchamrith Abhisheka’ with Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Archana. Afterwards there was ‘Devi Sthuthi Manjari’.  Sree Guru Paduka Pooja is very important.  Sree Paduka Pooja with utter devotion elevates one to the highest consciousness.  Sree Bharatha worshipping Sree Rama Padukas became Rama Himself.  The citizens of Ayodhya could not distinguish between the two, who is Rama and who is Bharatha.  Sree Tara Devi became Sree Rama Devi Herself by Her Supreme Devotion and love for Sree Rama Devi.  At 12.45 pm, the most auspicious Advent time, Maha Pooja was performed. 

Later in the evening, the ceremonial procession of the sacred utsava murthy seated in silver Ratham took place within Shaktinagar Campus.  This is the occasion the devotees can access and approach Divine Mother in close proximity.  By beholding Divine Mother seated in Ratham, devotees earn great punyam.  The Divine loves to talk to devotees on occasions like this.

On 5th March, ‘Anna Daanam’ was offered to the children of Primary and High Schools of Nalya Padvu, Shaktinagar.  Thus the Advent day celebrations ended with a golden note, “Glorious Success”.

Divine Mother Says, “Mere remembrance of God will not do.  You must lovingly remember Him and intensely long for His Darshan.  With this remembrance, love and longing, whatever work you do, it becomes sadhana for you. Without these, whatever great austerity you do is no sadhana at all.”

Blessed brothers and sisters, your devout participation in the ensuing prathishta anniversary celebrations, in the bond of Divine friendship will be one of joyous and blissful experience swimming in the sacred theertha of all healing and all sublimating Divine Radiations emanating from the Shrine of Devi Sree Ramambika.

May lasting peace pervade the entire universe is our soulful prayer at Her Lotus Feet.

With fraternal regards,
Yours in the Cause of Mission,


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