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Sense-illusion can end only through Self illumination. In karma Yoga is blended the aspect of wisdom and the fervour of devotion in a happy combination. The fundamental aspect of illumined activity is absolute non-attachment to actions and their results. When wisdom exposes the nature of illusion and the evanescence of sense pleasure, devotion endows you with a blessed vision of Lord’s eternal glory concretized in the form of objective universe.
CIRCULAR NO:05/2018-2019
13th February, 2019

Prayerful Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother, Devi Sree Ramambika.

(2nd March to 6th March 2019)

Blessed Souls,

Iswara Avatars have distinguishing characteristics of their own.

The Avatar is human only in appearance. His humanity is only a veil that hides His God-hood consciousness. His qualities and deeds distinguish Him from rest of the Mankind. He fulfils Divine Mission on earth. His whole life illustrates the glory of Dharma. The truth of His Divine nature and the uniqueness of His life and actions reveal themselves by passage of time. The Advent of the Supreme as a loving Mother and Guru, functioning in the order of Grihasthya, showing the path of salvation for the toiling humanity is indeed a golden opportunity for all those who long for liberation.

The Divine Mother of the universe ever perfect one by assuming the human role led a spotless life of Dharma and that immaculate life itself became a light for humanity for all time to come. When Mother entered Grahasthashrama, Her consort Sree Krishna Bhagath, came under the dazzling perfection of Dharma, highest human and Divine excellences. As a result, he became a resigned soul and siddha purusha. He gained insight into the Divinity of Mother and the purpose of Her advent. In fact, he realized that Mother's life was a great Divine Yajna, a total self offering at the altar fire of Dharma. Dharma is too deep for human comprehension.

Sree Rama, whom Sage Valmiki addresses Him as "Dharma Murthy", went to live in the forest in great and arduous tapas for fourteen years for preserving Dharma. Divine Mother remained in the seclusion of Home and all Her life was a ceaseless tapas and yajna. Not only Her fasts, Meditation and Holy communions but Her whole life of duties was a rigorous tapascharya. It was a glorious picture of exalted Dharma! A life of supreme sacrifice, a life that reminds the priceless heritage of Bharath, a life which presents the grand ideal of Sanathana Dharma extolled by the great vedic seers and sages.

Ratha Saptami was celebrated on Tuesday, the 12th February, 2019. The "Utsava Murthy" of Devi Sree Ramambika, was taken ceremoniously. Placed in Silver Ratham, worship is offered to Devi Sree Ramambika in various ways as per the prayers of devotees. This tradition is maintained from time immemorial. The Utsva Murthy was taken back to the Shrine and Maha Pooja performed.

Rathotsavam is the only occasion that devotees talk and pray to God intimately in close proximity.

The lofty principles of Grihasthya, the facets of pathivrithya, the sweetness of bhakti, the ecstasy of karma, and superhuman aspects of Avatar hood – all these and more manifested in the great and illustrious life of Divine Mother. Her doctrines and tenets of higher life laid emphasis on the highest truth.

Divine Mother Says, "Look upon the image as the Supreme being. Have the Bhava that God is there to receive your worship in person. When Bhava-chakshu opens, you will see the image full of life as the personification of Brahma chaithanya itself."

By the grace and blessing of Divine Mother, Devi Sree Ramambika, it has been decided to celebrate the 108th year of Advent of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi with five days programme from 2nd March to 6th March, 2019. Akhanda Mahamanthra Japa Yajna, discourses on the Leelas of Divine Mother, Bhajans, Classical and Devotional songs and ceremonial procession of Utsava Murthy (Devi Sree Ramambika), seated in the Silver Ratham in Shaktinagar campus are some of the salient features of the celebrations.

Blessed brothers and sisters, be it our spiritual privilege to gather in Shaktinagar in the bond of Divine friendship to participate in the most auspicious celebrations to imbibe the all healing and the all sublimating spiritual vibrations emanating from the Shrine of Divine Mother Devi Sree Ramambika.

May the universal peace pervade the entire universe is our soulful prayer at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother.

With fraternal regards,
Yours in the Cause of Mission,


Please Note:

- Mahashivarathri on 4th March, 2019.

- Sacred Kumbha Ashwini on Sunday, the 10th March, 2019.

- Vigraha Prathishta Day (Chaithra Poornima) on 19th April, 2019

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