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Dharma is the ornament of beauty. Dharma is the source of power. Let chastity and purity be your watch words. Wherever you are, in homes, in society, or in colleges, abide in moral purity. Preserve your chastity and purity at any cost. Be strong and courageous. In ability, in efficiency, in sattwic serenity, in modesty, in conduct etc. be majestic like lions.
CIRCULAR NO:04/2019-2020
16th October, 2019

Prayerful Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother, Devi Sree Ramambika.

1st November, 2019 - 41st Anniversary Observance.

Blessed Souls,

By  the  Grace  and  Blessings  of  Divine  Mother  Devi  Sree  Ramambika, It  has  been   decided   to   observe   the   Sacred   Maha   Samadhi   Day   of    Divine    Mother   Sree Rama Devi,   the Supreme Shaktiin Shakthinagar as per the following programme: 

Thursday, 31st October, 2019
09.00 am - 09.30 am Invocatory Prayer at Matrunilayam.
Friday, 1st November, 2019 - Maha Samadhi Day.
06.00 am - 07.00 am Sree Ramambika Suprabhatam, Arathi and Dhyanam.
09.30 am - 10.00 am Smarananjali in Matrunilayam.
11.00 am - 12.00 noon Mahamantra Japa, Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Archana and Mangalaarathi.
1.00 pm Samaradhana.
05.00 pm - 06.00 pm Bhajans and Mangalaarathi.
07.00 pm - 07.30 pm Maha mantra Japa for World Peace.
07.30 pm Sree Durga Namaskara Pooja.
10.30 pm - 11.00 pm Silent Prayer.
10.50 pm Maha Samadhi Time.

Divine Mother is eternal. She is ultimate Truth and Chaithanyam in any plane of Consciousness.  She chose to remain seated eternally in Divine Yoga Poise just below Her Archa Form, Devi Sree  Ramambika, radiating love, blessings and grace to all Creation.  Her physical form is all energy effulgent with pure Sattwa.  The meditation on Mother’s Form leads the mind to stillness and supernal silence. 

She promised that She will be eternally present in Shaktinagar, radiating grace and blessings as visible Deity and invisible Guide in the hearts of the devotees.  During Her visible splendour, She was fully aware of Her “Eswarathwa”, Godhood Consciousness.

The Navarathri  Mahotsava in Shaktinagar  was grand and glorious success.  Devi’s Presence was palpably experienced by all devotees.  This Mahotsava is celebrated all over India and abroad.  Worship of Supreme as Mother is very dear to human beings.  God is Divine Mother extolled in Vedas.

Agasthya Maharshi  introduced Devi worship first time in the world.  This is in the form of Sreevidya imparted by Lord Hayagreeva, an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. SreeVidya is a very potent form of extolling the greatness and glory of Divine Mother.  In Sreevidya comes the Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram liked by Thrimurthies and  Devathas.  Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi has great regard for Sree Lalitha Sahasranama.  In fact, as Lalitha Parameswari, the Sahasranamam, describes Her glory only.  Daily chanting of Sahasranama during Navarathri enhanced the Divine Magnetism of Shaktinagar creating Divinely vibrant atmosphere. 

The pravachan on Lakshmi Hridaya Sthothram was good.  The Pravachankar with simple examples made it easy to understand for lay people.

The Bhajans, classical devotional songs, were fine, educative and gave happiness and joy to the listeners.  The Katha keerthan on Sant Ekanath was inspiring and elevating.  Sant Ekanath was a very great Saint of Maharaashtra who made very significant contribution to contemporary society, bringing unity and harmony.  The keerthankar with copious illustrations made the subject interesting and inspiring.

The cultural programme of Children was very good, enchanting and inspiring.  Divine Mother has a special love for children.  For, they are the future generation, torch bearers of our ancient culture.  It is the duty of teachers, parents and elders to inculcate in the children, the lofty teachings of Divine Mother so that they become lights to guide the nation to become prosperous and peaceful.  The Mentor who guided this time the children, deserve due respect and best wishes.

Divine Mother once narrated a story highlighting the greatness and glory of the Guru.  In ancient times a great Sage lived in a forest retreat with a large number of disciples.  It was a big ashrama with large cultivable land.  The Guru was strict in enforcing the principles of Sadhana.  The disciples were happy and peaceful and were doing intense sadhana.  Almost everything was available in the ashrama and there was no necessity to go out for any requirementexcept on emergency situations.  Ashram activities were going on for many years.  The aspirants enjoyed peace and serenity of the ashrama.  Once it so happened that outside the campus, people wereseen going in large numbers to Kashi to have darshan of Lord Viswanatha. 

They were passing near the gate of ashrama.  Some ashramites enquired about them.  They said “they are happy to visit Kashi. You are here, not going out to any pilgrim centre.  You gain nothing.  Without seeing Kashiviswanatha you will not get liberation.  Better visit Kashi at least once in life.”  This message worked wonder and disciples thought what we gain here staying in a single place!!  All disciples discussed and came to the conclusion that they should visit Kashi.  They met their Guru and expressed their desire to visit Kashi.

The Guru, a realized soul thought well and explained that you are enjoying here the serenity and tranquility.  Whatever you need is available here.  Besides, frequent pravachanas of Guru give guidance and knowledge to take you safely on the spiritual path.  You lack nothing, on the other hand the outside world is very dangerous and you do not know the ways of outside world and you don’t know how to act in the world.  The disciples insisted that they should go. 

Again Guru insisted that peace in this ashram you will never get anywhere.  The kind hearted Guru permitted themto go on pilgrimage and arranged food packets for the disciples.  Taking the blessings of the Guru the disciples went out and when they reached a little distance where the horsemen stopped them thinking them to be robbers; snatched all the food packets and have beaten them.  They continued their journey.  The soldiers of the King taking them to be thieves, accosted the Sadhoos and took them to the King.  The King ordered that the Sadhoos be sent out of the kingdom.  The Sadhoos continued their journey.  They were passing through the forest where a diamond merchant was processing the diamond.  The merchant, seeing the yellow robed sadhoos, caught hold of them along with the help of his workers and beaten them, tied each of them to the trees.  All the sadhoos were bound.  At this time, one by one of the sadhoos thought of the mercy and kindness of their Guru. 

The moment the thought of the Guru came, the Grace of the Guru mysteriously worked.  A passer-by untied all the sadhoos and led them to their ashrama.  The Sadhoos had no food all day.  Reaching the ashram all prostrated to the Guru,saying we have committed a great sin by not listening to the kind words of the Guru and confessed before the Guru.  The Guru in his great mercy pardoned them and said “Learn from this bitter experience that there is no God apart from Guru.  The place where the Guru resides is the holiest place.  Guru’s Lotus Feet is the highest Divine Abode.  Thus saying the Guru went into Samadhi.  At that moment all the sadhoos had the vision that they saw all the Gods and Godesses and all sacred Theerthas at the Lotus Feet of the Guru.  Elaborating, Divine Mother exhorted that to think, there is a God apart from Guru is an illusion.  Gurubhakthi alone takes the Mumukshu towards the highest beatitude.

Divine Mother Says, “Look upon the image as the Supreme Being.  Have the Bhava that God is there to receive your worship in person.  When Bhavachakshuopens, you will see the image full of life, as the personification of the Brahma chaithanya itself.”

Your participation in the observance of Mahasamadhi Day of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi in the bond of Divine friendship, will be one of joyous and blissfulexperience, swimming in the Sacred Theertha of all healing and all sublimating  Divine  Radiations  emanating  from  Divine Mother Devi Sree Rmambika.

May the lasting peace pervade the entire world is our soulful prayers at Her Lotus Feet.

With fraternal regards,
Yours in the Cause of Mission,


Please Note:

  1. Rice will be distributed to charitable institutions, old age homes etc.
  2. Deepavali, the festival of lights, will commence on Monday, the 28th October, 2019.
  3. Kerala Sadhana Sibiram will be conducted from December 23th to 25th, 2019 followed by Kannada Sadhana Sibiram from December 29th to 31st, 2019.
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