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    Sayings for Today
Much of the sorrows of this world would have disappeared if people try to practise surrender in their life in this vyavaharic world. The real and the root conflict in the unhappy home-life from which most of the people suffer, is not the conflict of will between husband and wife, but the conflict of will between the individual and the Divine. Happiness is sure to be there if the individual surrenders his will to the supreme Will of God.
If man is born to live a sense-life of selfishness and to depart from this earth without achieving anything, where is the glory of human life?
Tree comes into being, grows withers away; animals also are born, live for a time and die out. But man is born not to die but to enter life eternal by discovering his divine nature. Very few realize that this is the object of life. Others waste the precious opportunity of a human birth by spending the whole lifetime in the pursuit of sense pleasures. They leave the body without enjoying the eternal bliss of Brahman.
One starts from home for the darshan of the deity and on the way to the temple comes across a crowded fair. Beautiful things are displayed there for sale. Mind naturally gets attracted. Longing to possess them, he enters the place and spends time in purchasing the things. His mind is so much engrossed in buying that he forgets the very purpose for which he has started from home. When he remembers that and reaches the temple premises, alas, he finds the temple doors closed. This is the fate of the deluded jiva here in this sense-world which indeed is but a huge big fair.
The soul has assumed the body only to secure the vision of its own divinity. But ensnared by the vanities of life, the jiva forgets the purpose of his embodiment. By the time he realizes his mistake; he finds himself unable to do any sadhana and finally leaves the body without achieving the goal.
Life in the body is so unsteady as the drops of water on the lotus leaf. But this period of earthly sojourn is precious for, here is the door to life eternal. Know that the only object of your having assumed the body is the realization of self.
Karma is a spiritual law ruling over life. But God is the supreme authority, beyond karma. He is the ruler of karma. Take refuge at His Feet, at the Feet of the Divine Mother of the universe and karma will not dominate you. The word karma finds no place in the vocabulary of a dedicated child of the Divine Mother. Be serene under all conditions. Face all problems of life boldly. Bear with everything in patience. Rely upon the Motherís saving grace. In the empire of love, suffering is strength, pain is bliss. This is the glory of spirituality.
If the present form of your personal development is the outcome of the past life, it naturally follows that the future is in your hands. You can make or mar your destiny as you will, provided your will is strong enough to wipe out the past tendencies and your intelligent efforts are directed for moulding your life.
Be a lover of God and you will not lack anything.
Mere remembrance of God will not do. You must lovingly remember Him and intensely long for his darshan. With this remembrance and love and longing, whatever work you do, it becomes a sadhana for you. Without these, whatever great austerity you do, is no sadhana at all.
Yogic state does not come through mere study. Observance of disciplines, external and internal, alone can purify your mind, chasten your emotions and make the intellectual equipments receptive to Enlightenment.
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