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Advaitic experience is the finality in spirituality. It comes through absolute mental purity, strength of shraddha, devotion to Reality and the grace of God.

The easiest, the safest, the most natural and open to all, is the path of devotional reliance on God’s saving grace. First recognize that God is your own, and that you are His image. Enter into a relationship with God. Regard Him as your father and mother and master and saviour. Worship Him with love. In company and in solitude, during work and rest, everywhere, in happiness in adversity, live in unbroken remembrance of God.

Relationship with God should be the delightful inspiration for your life of duties, affinities and associations. God should be the only object of your love. This is the prime condition for a successful life of quest in home.

All duties and dharmas must serve God. Then only life becomes yoga. When you are with God, in a bond of loving relationship and mystic communion, there will be no samsara, no prapancha, no bondage, and no misery for you. God alone shines forth as the Reality.

- Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi.

Here, in Shakthinagar you have all the conditions favorable to your spiritual progress. A salubrious climate; the quiet and tranquil surrounding; comfortable cottages to live in; a common kitchen where you get pure and sattwic food, pure drinking water; refreshing air; a meditation hall in Motherís abode, filled always with spiritual vibrations; associations with the devotees; and silent force. Where else on earth can you ever hope to get such an elevating spiritual atmosphere? But if you do not realize the glory of this place, the greatness of opportunity given to you, and continue to lead the same old kind of prapanchik life, great will be the loss you bring on yourselves as well as to the nation.
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