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    Sayings for Today
The Anthakarana has three main functional characteristics. Recollection (smarana); forgetfulness (vismarana); and activity (pravarthana). In the state of ignorance, recollection means memory of prapancha; forgetfulness means forgetfulness of svaroopa and oneís duty; activity means ego-centric pursuits. In the state of enlightenment, recollection signifies memory of oneís true nature or God; forgetfulness signifies eradication of all worldly impressions from the chittha; and activity means God-guided actions for Lokasangraha.
Mother assures you that even if you give only that much of love to God which you now give to worldly things; you do not have to wait for long for His arrival.
They say, forget the world and God will appear before you. But Mother tells you, you need not forget the world altogether, but remember God, devoutly long for his vision, await His arrival in vigilant aspiration and do your work in the world as an act of service to Him. If you do this, the All-merciful will reveal Himself to you one day and show you that your Self and the world are He only.
You must hunger and thirst for God. Then only God too finds it a necessity to rush to you to grant His vision. When this hunger and thirst for God arises in oneís bosom, be sure that Godís Grace has started operating in him.
In giving up everything for God, you do not lose anything. On the contrary, you gain everything, namely God. This is the reward that goes to Godís dedicated children, the reward that do not go to those whose heart is divided between God and world.
Love is Godís expression. Mother wants you to direct your love to God, knowing that God alone is residing in all hearts. What is the use of your meditations and your mutterings of japa, your penance and your pilgrimages, if you cannot pour forth your heartís love into the visible gods, the moving and talking divinities on earth?
Detach yourself from all, means not to hate, but to be attached to the One who is in all. Or, in other words, it means the expansion of the circle of your love. You must be able to put everybody in your heartís chamber and enter everybodyís heart. This is the secret of God-love and non-attachment.
To realize every form as oneís own form, is the last word in the vocabulary of spiritual realization. Pray to the Divine Mother incessantly, whole-heartedly to bless you with this unique vision of universal oneness.
God should be the object of your supreme love. This does not mean that you should not love your parents, your wife and children, your community or your country. God alone has turned Himself into the country, into the community, into the forms of your children, wife and parents. So to love God is to love God in all.
Children and home are not yours; your right over them is the right of a trustee. The trouble arises when the trustee imagines himself to be the owner. The Divine alone is the owner and you are given the responsibility of maintenance not for their sake, but for your own spiritual welfare. God in his infinite mercy has placed some of His children under your care, so that by rearing them up, you may achieve the purification necessary for His vision.
See every member of the family as your own reflection and love all as you love yourself. Give your love to all and you will not be able to contain the mighty streams of love that will come back to you.
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