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Just as when sun dawns darkness automatically disappears. Until svayam bodham, self-knowledge dawns, Guruvakya is the only illumination for the seeker. The seeker should have abiding unshakable shraddha in the Guruvakya. It is shraddha that bestows fearlessness here and hereafter.

In the galaxy of the spiritual masters of India, Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi is a rare star of exceptional radiance. With a vision lit up with unbounded love and compassion for humanity, this Preceptor Mother guided thousands of Her devotees and disciples drawn from various walks of life, along the path of spirituality, inspiring them with the ideals of truth and dharma. By Her exemplary life in the Order of Home (Grihastya) and by Her mystical experiences and spiritual realizations, She added a new dimension to man's approach to God and moral values.

The life of the bulk of humanity is centered in home: and while the monastic ideal stressed renunciation, the average householder, steeped in worldly duties and social responsibilities found no hope to rise above the mundane miseries. A need was acutely felt for the living illustration of a wonderful ideal reconciling the inner detachment with a zest for a dynamic existence. The advent of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi fulfills the urgent need of the Age.

Born of a pious Gowda Saraswat Brahmin couple of Mangalore(South Kanara District, Karnataka) - Sri Gopalakrishna Shenoy and Sree Sreedevi - on 4th March 1911, Rama Devi manifested signs of Her divinity, perfection and divine mission, right from Her infancy. A beatific smile was constantly on Her lips. wise utterances flowed from Her tiny lips, dispelling gloom from human minds. Meditation was habitual to Her. During such holy communions, She radiated uncommon spiritual aura. She has an innate compassion towards the poor and the downtrodden. It was this tender heart of compassion that in later years unveiled itself as the universal heart of Divine Motherhood.

Her marital life, distinguished by unbroken Brahmacharia, was a dedication at the altar of Pathibhakti. In Her, the ideals of the great Sanatana Dharma, were founded in a resurrected glory. Her home was a home of hospitality and a temple of divinity. That also provided for Her, the field for great Tapas and observance of Dharma. Firmly stationing Herself in the field of duty, She could yet scale the height of Yoga and experience the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, thus providing an outstanding example that spiritual life is not incompatible with duties of the marital order.

From the privacy of home, she emerged as a World Teacher, with the consciousness of Her mission in life. Attracted by Her spiritual power of love and divine glow of Dharma, thousands came into Her fold. While Her discourses and written works elucidated Her message of higher life, Her solitudes and Samadhis were modes of Her higher spiritual ministry. Her divine bhavas bespoke Her divinity and Godhood. Whenever She opened Her eyes upon emergence from Her mystic communions, there was always a loving smile on Her lips. In Her, divinity and humanity both shone as two facets of perfection glowing with infinite love. Her's was a reign of love and ministry of compassion. The whole world were beloved children for Her. The ancient ideal of the Motherhood of God stood revealed in incarnated splendour in Her.

In Her Teachings, there is a special emphasis on spiritualisation of life in Home. She taught how to install life on the pedestal of Yoga. Attachments, not associations, are to be discarded. What is required is not any change in the external order, but an inner change in outlook and vision. She initiaited upanishadic wisdom through mystic and esoteric process of Upadesha Deeksha, spiritual initiations. The methodology of meditation she taught is a landmark in the history of perceptorial tradition. The emphatic note underlying Her teaching is neither the doctrine of illusion, nor a call to inaction, but spiritualization of every aspect of life. Her advent and teaching have raised the status of home into that of a spiritual paradise. Even in Her most simple exhortation, the path of Dharma is clearly defined. Her message inspires righteous living. From spouses She demands strict adherence to respective aspects of dharma as a condition for spiritual progress and domestic peace. To the resigned devotees who look up to Her for guidance and grace, She is ever a loving companion and also their ultimate Savior.

Divine Mother teaches from the depth of Her own experience. According to Her, perfection of self and integration of personality which ultimately lead to God experience are possible of achievement in any order of life. Negative isolations and life fleeing seclusions need not be resorted to for the vision of God. The purity of inner self alone begets the vision of Supreme, continuous remembrance of the self, single minded meditation upon the abiding Reality, discharge of duties in a spirit of service and self-abnegation these form : the discipline of spirituality which Divine Mother prescribes to Her devotees for the realization of the absolute. As regards Grihasthashrama the husband and wife are enjoined to look upon each other as the embodiment of the Divine impersonal self and to discover the joy of Identity consciousness. The Divine is to be kept before the mental vision as the sole object of love, adoration and service. After duly ordaining Her illustrious disciple, Mother Sree Tara Devi, as Her successor and transferring all Her powers to Her, Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi, the Supreme Guru, entered Mahasamadhi on 1-11-1978 at Her residential abode, Shaktinagar.

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