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    Sayings for Today
Consciousness objectified is thought. Thought manifested is the world. The world exists so long as thought persists. When consciousness sheds its superimposed objectivity, the thought will disappear into the abyss of silence, resolving the world into the ocean of Pure Being. To achieve this, take your position as the Witness-Consciousness.

Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi was a fully illumined personage Herself. Born on 20th July 1930 at Mangalore in the same family which gave birth to Mother Sree Rama Devi. Sree Tara Devi too revealed Her spiritual greatness from Her very childhood. at the age of 13, by a mere touch of the great Guru Sree Rama Devi, She passed through different stages of Samadhi, had the vision of all the Divine abodes and also the vision of Lord Sree Krishna. Ultimately she attained the highest peak of spirituality, the Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Sree Tara Devi was a veritable glow of divinity and divine love. From the position of a humble and self-effacing discipleship, She rose to the venerable Guruhood in all the glory of spiritual power and all the sweetness of motherly love. Her voice, Bhava and even physical features underwent a wonderful metamorphosis and she emerged into the very likeness of Her Guru. In a sense, Tara Devi disappeared in Rama Devi and Rama Devi reappeared in Tara Devi. The divine ministry of Mother continued with unabated vigour and zeal.

Mother Tara Devi's ministry was very short, just two years from the point of view of time. But in this short period, She compressed the events and achievements of a hundred years. Innumerable souls were drawn into the orbit of Her personality. Both the inmates of Shaktinagar as well as the visiting devotees received Her love, personal attention and protection in abundant measure. People saw the glory of the resurrected divinity of Mother Rama Devi and again heard Her divine voice. The younger generation was specially inspired by Her Teachings and personality.

Mother Tara Devi was an avalanche of divine force, accomplishing Her purposes with incredible swiftness, thereby aptly fitting in with Her divinity as Devi Sree Chandika. There was a spurt in the Mission activities, not only in Shaktinagar, but in all other centres also. Her bhajans and discourses were, very often, punctuated by Her Samadhis, divine Bhavas and ecstasies and She appeared to be dwelling mostly in the transcendent plane, oblivious of Her body. During such states, She radiated tremendous spiritual vibrations. Thus, after having established the institution of Shaktinagar, and the Mission as a whole, on a strong foundation, Mother Sree Tara Devi entered Maha Samadhi on 4-9-1981.

Though both the Mothers have, thus withdrawn Themselves into Their formless Immensity, true to Their declarations and assurances. They continue to guide the devotees and the institution. They have lovingly nurtured. Their presence is palpably felt always.

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