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    Sayings for Today
He alone is a true knower, who knowing that the entire Universe of names and forms is his own mental creation can dissolve the whole structure of that creation into the ocean of his own being at his own will.
BULLETIN NO. 324-327 A
The great devotees, the Jnanis, the pathivrathas and the Divine Incarnations, assume embodied stage with a divine purpose. Their lives are woven round some specific moral ideal, becoming thereby a source of inspiration and guidance for the entire mankind.
Tapas lead a courageous sadhaka to such a state where his mind becomes free of modifications, where he will be incapable of evil tendencies and evil actions. Root out all falsehood, all crookedness, from the mind. Achieve purification both external and internal, both in thought and conduct. Merely bathing in the sacred waters, will not purify. Mind should be bathed in the sacred Teertha of devotion.
Among the characteristics of dharma, courage, dhairyam has a place of supreme importance. Whether in the field of worldly duties, or in the field of spiritual pursuit, courage is essential. A spiritual aspirant, sadhaka, should always have courage as his adornment. Calamities may come to him, he may be face to face with death itself, but he should never give up his courage of heart.
Through devotion one grows in knowledge; also, it is devotion that inspires virtuous conduct. Conduct, acharana, is of great importance. You should accord primary importance to purity of thought and conduct, in your spiritual career. Merely proclaiming that you have devotion to your Guru, will not take you anywhere. It will not raise you in the estimation of the society.
Of all virtues, Gurubhakti, supreme devotion to the spiritual preceptor, is the highest. The glory of an ideal disciple, sadshishya, adorned with undeviating devotion, is an undying glory that has been eulogized in the sacred literature. Till this day, the glorious lives of guru bhaktas have been a source of constant inspiration for millions of believers and sadhakas. Historically and allegorically, they have been imparting teaching to the world.
BULLETIN NO. 320-321 D
By sitting with eyes closed and by allowing the mind to roam about, is not what meditation is. Intense dispassion to the things of the world should come. Then alone will the mind withdraw itself from the phenomenal world and be absorbed in meditation. You are initiates of higher spirituality. The stamp of spiritual initiation, Upadesha Deekasha, is on you. You can majestically walk into the mansion of Mukti. Nobody will dare obstruct you.
BULLETIN NO. 320-321 C
Unless you possess that nectar, the knowledge of Brahman, you cannot emerge into your ever-free ever blissful state. Transcending the frailties of flesh, you should rise to the glory of the Divine by becoming one with Him. Through every pore of your being should beam forth the effulgence of Atman. To attain this consummation of life, you need not embrace a new order. In the Garhasthya itself which is the foundation of all other orders, you can realise all the fourfold objectives, dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
BULLETIN NO. 320-321 B
The powers of pure sankalpa, of persistent practice of self-control, of fervent adoration of the Deity, of the single minded devotion and services to the Guru, and absorbing meditation, all these constitute the Sadhaka’s inner spiritual abundance. If you have such spiritual abundance within you, your children whom you feed and rear up with your hands, your guests who receive hospitality at your hands, all will be influenced by you and they too will have their spiritual impulse awakened.
BULLETIN NO. 320-321 A
Life in the Order of home, Garhasthya abounds in varied situations, problems and tests. Amidst these, the householder should develop a state of equanimity to view pleasures and pains alike, happiness and hardships alike. With such a state of inner tranquility, he should advance on the path.
Mere birth in a human body does not elevate. Man and woman should lead a life worthy of their humanity, worthy of India’s heritage of culture. Woman embodies the regenerative power; she is the foundation of a healthy society. The rise and fall of a society, or community, or a nation, in the ultimate analysis, depends upon the character and behavior of the women. You should touch the summit of pure spiritual illumination. There too shines the radiance of dharma.
The status accorded to motherhood in Indian culture, is one of great honour. The upkeep of religious tradition, cultural norms and social well being, is dependent upon mother, the mistress of home. If mothers become pure vessels, an illumined society will come into being.
BULLETIN NO. 317-318 E
When God manifests Himself as a personification of dharma on earth, it is comparatively easy for mortals to come to the path of dharma and be saved by Him. But they should take refuge at His Feet. If you do not observe your dharma, that very moment you are in adharma. Adharma intensifies bondage and prolongs the sojourn in samsara. But dharma turns your vision and face to God. Not only you gain insight into dharma, you become the embodiments of dharmic radiance. The truth of the Veda becomes revealed; auspicious virtues shine in you most spontaneously.
BULLETIN NO. 317-318 D
Self-surrender must grow until self becomes totally extinct. That state is liberation, where self is not, where desires have all perished, where vasanas have been destroyed beyond any scope of further germination.
BULLETIN NO. 317-318 C
To develop spiritual force and reach the spiritual summit, you have to create within yourselves, conditions favourable to this purpose. Understand the likes and dislikes and the mental temperaments of your husband. Surrender your will to your husband’s will. Direct your gaze, the sublime attitude of your mind and the devotion of your heart, to the divinity inherent in your husband. Detach yourselves from the body, senses, mind and ego, and give yourself over to the Supreme Self. This attainment of total merger in the Supreme is the ultimate state.
BULLETIN NO. 317-318 A
The distilled essence, the cardinal virtues and the moral laws pertaining to the Order of Home, Garhasthya, have all been lucidly expounded by Divine Mother, silently by Her own illustrious life, and most eloquently in Her numerous discourses and written works.
BULLETIN NO. 314-316 C
Never be hypocrites. Avoid all show and ostentation. Be earnest in your aspiration and sadhana, and honest in all your dealings. Your worship of the deity, incantations of the sacred hymns, muttering of the manthras, offering of flowers in archana, and your upasana as a whole, should not be mere external mechanical acts. They should stem from your heart, from your true spiritual yearning and should have the fervor and glow of disinterested Devotion, Nishkama Bhakati.
BULLETIN NO. 314-316 B
With the tremendous power of Brahmacharia in the pre-marital life as a kumari, a spotless virgin, and the power begotten of the sublime life of pathivrathya as a devoted housewife, a woman, by steady pursuit of God, can rise to the peak of spiritual enlightenment. Her moral beauty, her sacrifice, her loving behavior, her righteous conduct, her pure bhava and broad vision, make her the presiding deity of the Temple of Home. For her, home is a dharmakshetra. It is a spiritual abode. It is the altar of her worship and dedication.
BULLETIN NO. 314-316 A
Why is the order of householdership, the Garhasthya, considered to be of fundamental importance? The reason is, this order of home is the supporting pillar for the rest of the three orders (ashramas) and for all other dharmas or aspects of dharma. It is from Home that ideal sannyasis, ideal sons and daughters, ideal citizens, all emerge.
BULLETIN NO. 310-313 B
Abide in dharma. Resist the impulses of desire and anger, and do all actions for the sake of God. Yudhishtira had to live in exile in the forest; but that was not a matter of disgrace for him, for he never abandoned his dharma. Raja Satya Harishchandra had to give up his throne, all possessions, even his wife and child, yet, he did not give up Truth. Emperor Nala had to come under the malefic influence of Saturn and suffer much, but he did not give up his faith in God.
BULLETIN NO. 310-313 A
All are doing actions. No one can remain actionless even for a minute. Even the closing of eyelids is an action. Everyone is helplessly driven to action by the gunas of prakrithi. The principle of Karma is extremely subtle and profound. How karma grows, how it gives rise to transmigratory process of births and deaths, how man’s empirical life is governed by prarabdha, how karma can be obliterated, these should be understood by a spiritual aspirant, directly from the Sadguru.
BULLETIN NO. 308-309 B
Faith in a merciful Providence is an inner spiritual certitude and not a passing mood or changing attitude of mind. Even vilest sinners have been redeemed by the compassionate God, when they burnt themselves in the fire of penitence. True repentance is an aspect of knowledge itself. It is an awakening. Once awakened, one does not go back to the old life of sin. ‘O God, other than Thee, I have none else in the world that I can call my own. Forgetting Thee, O Lord, I committed mountains of sins. Redeem me, O God, from this dreadful sea of life.’ Such a prayer, reflecting heartfelt repentance, invokes the saving grace of God.
BULLETIN NO. 308-309 A
Why God remembrance necessary in life? What is the benefit accruing from God-remembrance and chanting of the Name of God? Every one is the self-existent, self-shining Atman. When such a great light is shining within man, where is the need for another light? Such questions do arise in certain minds.
BULLETIN NO. 306-307 C
An inner transformation must come to you, householders. While living amidst the family, you can pursue your spiritual goal, provided your heart is with God. Think not that your wife and children are obstacles on your path. They will obey you, when you want yourselves to be left undisturbed for the purpose of meditation.
BULLETIN NO. 306-307 B
He who has brought his mind and senses under control, is an earnest disciple. Service of the Lotus Feet of the Guru, Guru-padaseva, is the all-absorbing occupation of such a disciple. What is meant by the service of the Guru’s Lotus Feet? To massage the feet of the Guru and to render all other forms of personal service to the Guru’s body: this is not what is implied by the term, Gurupada Seva.
BULLETIN NO. 306-307 A
The devotional householders, observing traditional norms, worship the Divine in their home-shrines; some worship their Kula gurus: some look upon their parents as their Gurus. But the real Guru should be a Brahman-Knower. The Guru-shishya bond is profoundly sacred. It is spiritual in its essential form, and is hallowed by the radiance of subtle moral truths. In the Yogavasishta has expounded many a deep truth concerning this, during his discourse to his disciple, Sree Ramachandra.
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